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PureDisk single point of failure

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Has anyone run into competitors (Data Domain) who assert that PD has a single point of failure; use of postgress database? If so, what is our response to this assertion. Is it true? Workarounds?


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replicate to a 2nd box to eliminate the single point of failure, which is no different than a DD box.  

I've never heard the database argument ever.  Someone is pulling at straws to argue minue details that are not important.

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InQuinox creates an appliance for PureDisk (called the SD3) which contains redundant hardware to circumvent a SPOF and thereby provide a long-life platform upon which PureDisk can thrive.  The superior combination of SD3 with PureDisk provides these additional features which Data Domain cannot offer:

  1. NetBackup Integration – Integration with core NetBackup features for scalable, load-balanced disk-based backups.
  2. Deduplication can occur where necessary, whether at the client or media server.
  3. Optimized Synthetic Backups – the ability to create new Backup Images from existing backups without moving any data.
  4. Optimized deduplication of VMware vSphere backups.
  5. Optimized deduplication of MS-SQL, Exchange, and SharePoint agent-based backups.
  6. Optimized replication to remote deduplication servers or other NBU servers, with Automated Import of Replicated images (AIR).
  7. Global Deduplication – Ability to scale while retaining deduplication across the nodes.
  8. Export / Archive to Tape Faster – Fast, reliable and fully automated exports to tape via direct API within NetBackup.
  9. Better Disaster Recovery – Fast and reliable recovery in DR situations via NetBackup integration.
  10. Option for High Availability (HA) – NetBackup Deduplication offers industry leading HA with Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) at no additional software cost.
  11. Stronger Encryption Option – NetBackup Deduplication can utilize 256-bit encryption cipher with tape encryption.

Give InQuinox a look at

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Someone has been fefd too much Symantec kool-aid.  The products IMO are very close in terms of features.  It comes down to product maturity, claimed speeds & feeds, and nuts & bolts of both products..  

When you get past the marketing fluff that we all spew out, and test against YOUR data.  One of the products will shine, the other wont.  (I have no bias to either, but do have better success with one over the other in actual deployments..)