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Puredisk 6.6 Re-routing

Level 4

Under Puredisk 6.5 one could add extra space to some already existing content routers in a SPA and then use the Configuration/Topology/Storage Pool Name/Reroute Content Router option. However, this option no longer appears in the Puredisk 6.6 GUI so I'm wondering where it's gone and how to start the re-routing that I need to do.


Any clues? e.g. is there a line command version?




Level 4



Take a look at chapter 11 "Managing Storage Pool" in the PD 6.6 Admin guide:


Level 4

In Puredisk 6.6 the option to Reroute Content Routers no longer appears on the webgui (compared to Puredisk 6.5) unless a content router is deactivated and then reactivated at which point a re-route option is given. Support are aware of this problem. 


Also, unless you desparately need to re-route then following our experience my advise is DON'T !! It causes no end of problems with Netbackup PDDO backups/restores/dupes failing until the re-routing completes which can take days if not weeks depending on the size of your estate. Best to add the same percentage amount of extra space to each content router in your pool unless, of course, you really do need to add an extra content router e.g. for performance reasons or your existing content router(s) are at their Puredisk limits of space addressable.