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Puredisk 6.6 export to nbu 7 using commandline


can someone help me? im trying to export backup images from my puredisk server to my nbu server using the commandline. im confuse with what commands im going to use. kindly help me the steps on how i can do this using the commandline. thanks in advance.



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Why Command Line?

Any reason you want to use the command line rather then using the Netbackup Export engine which is in Puredisk Allready?

Check in the "Symantec NetBackup PureDisk™ Administrator's Guide" , Chapter 6 "Exporting data to


Install the linux NBU client on the Puredisk Host,

Enable the NBU Export Engine on the host

Enter a license key in Netbackup to accept type Puredisk Exports (Puredisk Remote Office)

Create a few policys in Netbackup to accept the import from your PD host

Create the policys to export your clients from Puredisk to Netbackup

and thats kind of it.