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Puredisk Export to Netbackup

Level 3


We are palnning to export data from puredisk to netbackup. We are building netbackup server from scratch, master server will act as media server.

Does anyone here knows about this activity. 

1) I need information about the list of licenses we have to add during the installation process. (Does we have to add seperate license for policy type "DataStore"..?)

If anyone has clear document about this activity, with practical example, please share it.

You can send it to me on mail id

Thank you.


Vilas Ambad




Level 6

On your Netbackup servers you need to add a Puredisk Remote Office license. Checking our key here it gives you four things, "Puredisk Remote Office", "Puredisk Option", "OpenStorage Disk Option", "DataStore"

1. In Netbackup you need to create policys to accept incoming jobs from Puredisk Server

2. In Puredisk you need to Install the Netbackup Client

3. Activate the Netbackup Export Engine (Unless you did allready in the Puredisk install)

4. Create policys to Export Clients to Netbackup

Thats pretty much it. Each of those steps can be found in "Puredisk Admin Guide" Chapter 6. Be aware that the *Only* thing you can export to tape is "Files & Folders" type backups. UNC Path/SQL/Oracle/Exchange etc do not export to tape from Puredisk.



Level 3

Hi Simon thanks for your reply.

As per one of the document i found one internet and the steps provided by you, i have to follow below steps,


On Master Server:

1) Install NBU 6.x software (On the machine which i want build as master server.)

2) Install appropriate server Engineering Binary "NBU_60_M_4_PDESolServer.tar"

3) Add "DataStore" license Key to Netbackup master server.

4) Create policy with policy type "DataStore" and Schedule will be "Default_application_backup"


On Puredisk Server side:

1) Install Netbackup client software.

2) Install "NBU_60_M_4_PDERedHatClient.tar"

3) Activate "NBU Export Engine"

4) Create a policy for data export to netbackup,create data selection, create eschedule, provide the netbackup policy name in parameters tab, also select export engine.


From the above steps can you please explain what is the use of "NBU_60_M_4_PDESolServer.tar" and "NBU_60_M_4_PDERedHatClient.tar" softwares...?



Thanks & regards,

Vilas Ambad




Level 6

NBU_60_M_4_PDESolServer.tar is the Netbackup 6.0 MP4 Server Binary, Dont use this. You want a version 7.X or 7.1 Binarys. Not sure if you are going Windows or Solaris


NBU_60_M_4_PDERedHatClient.tar is the Netbackup 6.0 MP4 Redhat Client Binary. Again, you dont use this. The Puredisk Server uses a Default Linux Binary and you want a Version 7 Binary.


You client must be the same or lower then then Master Server but Id say go the same.