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Puredisk licensing

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I'm currently running on puredisk version 6.6.0 and we have purchased a license of 5TB premium infrastructure. We are looking to upgrade the puredisk box to and i was wondering if this upgrade will have some effects on the following 


1 - Puredisk is currently protecting about 10 TB of data, but we have purchased only a 5TB premium infrastructure license 



                       645G   358G   269G  58% /Storage
                        11T   9.6T   1.1T  91% /Storage/data
I'm of the understanding that puredisk is licensed per front end TB of license . 
a ) Are we really in compliance 
b ) An upgrade from 6.6.0 to will it need me to purchase disk license( infra) if i'm protecting about 9 TB as per my /storage/data
Can someone please assist./

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Hi Ashz

The Licensing is Front End TB as you say so by looking at the Data Store will not tell you if your protected or not.

The only real way to work it out is from the Home Page go to "Manage" then Agents.

Click on your SPA name on the to left side. (The one level below "World"). On the right hand side click on "Data Mining Report"

Each client should then be listed and how much actual space is used, eg:

Data Selection Name: <removed> (9) Agent: <removed> (8)
Total Size on Source: 9.04 GB Storage Pool Volume Used: 2.96 GB
Data Selection Name: <removed> (25) Agent: <removed> (19)
Total Size on Source: 207.26 GB Storage Pool Volume Used: 67.96 GB

Add up the "Total Size on Source" for each server and it gives you the true "Front End TB" Value.

If you have OpsCentre Analytics installed I believe there is a Front End TB report somewhere in that from 7.5 aswell but I havent looked myself.

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Read this article. This command will give you a breakdown of what your frontend data is.


There are also instructions on how to use it on the spreadsheet with the data.

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OPS Center does not report on front end capacity for PureDisk Agents. At least I did not manage to make it do so.

You can use Power Shell or some bash scripts for this data size calculation and should be fine with the result as well.

A good practice is buying 20% more than you have in order to secure the probable data growth.

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Are you trying to figure out how much disk to buy or how much data is protected for licensing purposes?

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Were you able to find anything helpfull from the comments?