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Puredisk storage migration

Hi everyone,

I'm new to puredisk, my company wants to decomission the storage array where puredisk is running. The storage pool it's about 4TB.

What is the best way to migrate the storage pool on a new physical array? new LUN are already visible to the server. I was thinking about making a mirror using the VxVM running under puredisk, but will the puredisk aware of the new underlying volume configuration?


Thank you!

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Hi! The best way to do that


The best way to do that would be:

1. Mount the "NEW Storage".

2. Use VxVM to "join" the "NEW" to the "OLD" Volume as mirror copy. It will take some time - a day or son on 4 TB.

3. Remove the "OLD" storage from the mirror once it is synced.

Avoid intensive I/O periods - like backup window or CR Queue Processing - when adding mirror or removing the volume. The "sync" can go in background. PureDisk should not even notice that. However, if you want to change disk size PureDisk services restart is neccessary. If you want to reduce the size you would need to remove the HDR files from Content Router Storage.

The structure is:

Physical Volume - VxVM Disk Group - VxVM Volume (optionally mirrored) - "Real Volume" EXT3/VxFS - mount point in OS.

VxVM is a powerfull tool, so should be possible with almost no downtime.


Good luck!


Well  we have also migrated


we have also migrated PD Server

But please take the Symantec Support Engineer to do that 

as it is very critical


DOCUMENTATION: Steps to dump

DOCUMENTATION: Steps to dump and import the PureDisk Database(s)

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but as i told before must take Symatec support