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Reset PureDisk Web Console Login

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Here's my situation:

My company purchased another company at the end of last year.  We inherited 2 PureDisk servers that are running PDLinux on Dell hardware.  We need to get to the data on these servers so we can back it up and then decom the boxes.  I have been able to get into the Linux machine itself and then get the web console up but it won't take any of my credentials (including the local root account on the box).  It looks like the data partition for the backups is protected and can only be viewed through PureDisk (have not been able to mount the drive in linux, etc). 

So the short of it is I need credentials to login to the web console so I can access the data on the server.  How can I go about this?

These are running 6.6 which of course is EOL and I'd prefer not to purchase a whole new license just to get some technical support from Symantec directly.



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The web console will not help you get any data out. PureDisk is used to store Netbackup images in a deduplicated state. This data is completely illegible out of context. To "get the data out" you will have to perform restores through Netbackup to a safe location that can hold it all. Because the data is deduplicated it might expand to be many times greater than the size of the disk pool. Over-provision your restore location.

If you don't have the original master server that made the images on the disk pool you would have to import the images in to your existing Netbackup master server before you could restore the data.


That being said, here is the answer to your question:

This TECHNOTE is for troubleshooting the web console login:


These commands will generate the default admin account with the default password

Reconfigure authentication by running:

# /opt/pdconfigure/scripts/atconfig/


Then restart services:

/etc/init.d/vxatd stop
/etc/init.d/puredisk stop
/etc/init.d/vxatd start
/etc/init.d/puredisk start





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Thanks for the response.  I have run the commands in the article you linked and appear to have a working certificate, but when I run your commands at the bottom, it still won't let me in with admin/P@ssw0rd.  Any ideas?

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   I found some password changing links. Unfortunately, some of the passwords cannot be changed without knowing the old password. For security reasons you would want this to be the case to protect your data. The danger of security is that you can lock yourself out. 


Here are some links that might help:


Good luck