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Symantec Puredisk v: | Scheduled backups are not running

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The scheduled backups are not running for the past 4 days. The cron is running and alll other puredisk is also running.We are able to see the backups that took place before 4 days. i want to know the reason for this issue and the solution for this issue.


Product: Symantec Puredisk


OS: Suse Linux


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I would like to get more information about this. Is it all backups?

If the scheduled backups are not running, are they missing the backup window?

Do you have anything in the problems report reguarding this?

Usually they would run and fail. The fact they are not running shows that something else is stopping them. like another backup running on that client. 

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If nothing is really running (Go to Monitor Jobs --> by Policy Type; select the "root" of the tree and search for jobs with "Running", "Queued" and "Running Hold" status)...

Then restarting the services should not hurt.

# /etc/init.d/puredisk stop

After few longer seconds:

# /etc/init.d/puredisk start

It may take a while for the Content Router to initialize (approx 1,5 min/TB capacity)

Please let us know if anything helped.