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Unable to delete Disk Pool from Master Server

Hello,i am trying to delete the Disk Pool from our Master Server but its givin an error: Unable to process request because the server resource are busy.DSM has found that an association still exsists between storage unit and the disk pool:Netbackup_S...

Disk-Pools error.jpg
mrauf by Level 4
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Resolved! Client - Media - PureDisk Linux network traffic

Hello everyone.   We have a backup solution and I am trying to find a bottleneck. Configuration is as follows: Veritas SFHA clustered Master server running NBU on RHEL6.1.  Number of Media servers. And 3 pairs of PureDisk 6.5.5 pools as...

Resolved! Expire unwanted images

Hi, Please provide me with steps where I Can expire few images (very old and not needed) and reclaim their space on a PureDisk? Thanks in advance,    

Resolved! Unable to change SMTP setting in Puredisk 6.6.5

According to p220 in the "Symantec NetBackup PureDisk™ Backup Operator Guide Release 6.6.4" and my own experiance (on other SPA's). The SMTP setting for event/policy escalations is set in the Gui at Settings>Configuration>Configuration File Templates...

M-NYC by Level 3
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Resolved! PureDisk Agent for Windows uninstallation fails.

Hi all,   I have a customer with a Win2003 64 bits server which has PDagent 6.6.x installed, Trying to uninstall it, using remove programs from Control Panel, it asks for the .msi package. It refers to a users folder which does not exist anymore. ...

heinkel by Level 3
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Puredisk vs AdvancedDisk

Hello, wath'is the difference between Puredisk and AdvancedDisk? Now I use only Puredisk, but for space problem I will use free AdvancedDisk for same VM but I dont understand the difference. Thank's to all Luca      

How to properly retire PureDisk servers

It was a long journey but time has come... Is there any special way neccessary to remove PureDisk server that was replicating to another one (both data and SPA) or just deactivate the relevant PureDisk agents under Agent management?

f25 by Level 4
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Set up puredisk network resiliency ?

Hello Does somebody know how to set up puredisk network resiliency ? Can see entries like Reconnecttimout in agent.cfg & spa.cfg, but have not been able to find any documentation on these parameters Regards Michael

Resolved! Max size for ddup storage

Hi I am in th process of removing the tape backups from my enivroment. I backup 12tb on a single month end. I am planning to put in 250tb of disk in a Puredisk pool. I run 7.6.1 on a 2012r2 server. I am not clear if i will be able to use the full ...

Resolved! postgresql corrupted

Goodmorning,   After a crash of my server the netbackup deduplication engine does't start. I found this in postgresql logs: 2014-09-18 08:20:48 CEST LOG:  database system was interrupted while in recovery at 2014-09-17 16:50:14 CEST 2014-09-18 0...


Hello All, As part of troubleshooting in pure disk environment for systems state failures. how to check that for windows 2003/2008 R1 or R2 clients have latest VSShotfix or how to check the server require latest vsshot fix. Please let me know

Anil_B by Level 4
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System state failures in pure disk

Hello All, it was windows 2008 r1 Client backup is failing with system state(completing with 64%), and getting below errors. Error: 2: resource child process: snapshot required but there is nothing to snap: no such object Error: 2: name process: u...

Anil_B by Level 4
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Resolved! Pure disk reinstallation

Hello Experts, while reinstaling the pure disk client s/w on existing host(agent id:23), what happens if we reinstall the pure disk s/w with different agent ID(agent id 42). How the PD SPA will consider?

Anil_B by Level 4
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Resolved! About Pure Disk

Hi All, Kindly let me know the following few questions about pure disk. 1)what is pure disk? 2)About pure disk architecture? 3)About pure disk deduplication? 4)About pure disk web user interface? 5)Can i know the role of vssadminlist writers re...

Anil_B by Level 4
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Resolved! Puredisk server Catalog restore

So let's say I have a local master server "master1" and a local media server "media1" and a remote media server (DR) "remotemedia1".  I currently have both "media1" and "remotemedia1" set up as puredisk server with MSDP.  So when I do catalog backu...

PDCR services often become unused

Hi, Please advice what other solution i have resolve pdcr crashing / become unused below extarct of spoold.log spoold.log : ERROR: unexpected chunk number 196 (expected 27) for toast value 336282189 July 22 22:17:47 ERR [1075325248]: 25004: databa...

logen by Level 3
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Reset PureDisk Web Console Login

Here's my situation: My company purchased another company at the end of last year.  We inherited 2 PureDisk servers that are running PDLinux on Dell hardware.  We need to get to the data on these servers so we can back it up and then decom the boxes...