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change the name of the spa

are there someone who know if it is possible to change the name of a spa without backup data is lost and no major changes have to be made like i have to reconfigured the hole spa.

mias by Level 4
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Solution - Missing topology.ini

Not sure where to post this, please move if needed. I've had an issue with a node missing the topoloy.ini and topology_nodes.ini from the /Storage/etc and /opt/pdinstall directories. After a lot of searching and trial and error, I've been able to sol...

PureDisk single point of failure

Has anyone run into competitors (Data Domain) who assert that PD has a single point of failure; use of postgress database? If so, what is our response to this assertion. Is it true? Workarounds?

JLane by Not applicable
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Puzzling error message as writting to PureDisk

Hello,   Firts let me briefly describe my NetBackup environment. Solaris-based master and a number of media running 6.5.6 plus PureDisk While taking a backup from a certain client, the following error appear in the job log:   Mar 24, 2011 5:...

puredisk 6.6 and puredisk 6.2

Hi,   i would just want to know if the set of commands for puredisk 6.6 in the commandline are the same or compatible wiith the once in puredisk 6.2. like the pdexport2nbu , pdlistjob etc. thanks and hopping for your quick ans.   -Rjay-

RJay by Level 3
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Permission restore

Hello, Is it possible to restore only permissions for a file/folder in puredisk and netbackup....?

Puredisk 6.6 export to nbu 7 using commandline

Hi, can someone help me? im trying to export backup images from my puredisk server to my nbu server using the commandline. im confuse with what commands im going to use. kindly help me the steps on how i can do this using the commandline. thanks in a...

RJay by Level 3
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Netbackup 7.1 Upgrade Recommendations

Hi All, I am currently a Symantec customer that has been running Netbackup Puredisk for quite a while.  We are currently running NBU 6.5.5 on a Dell 2950 (Win2003 Standard 4 GB RAM).  This server is our Master/Media Server, and backs up our datacente...

netbackup puredisk duplication issues - media open error (83)

Hi there, We are having major issues with duplication.  I have 2 media servers and 1 management server, all was working fine until i changed one of the media server IPs. now i cant get a single duplication job to run (all backups and restores run fin...

jwothers by Not applicable
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Resolved! Puredisk 6.6.1 - 7.X Client to Export to Netbackup Query

Hi I am currently running Netbackup 7.01 Servers and my Puredisk SPA's have 6.5.6 Netbackup clients installed. I do not run any PDDO on these. My question is if anyone has installed a 7.0.1 (or 7.1) Netbackup client for Exporting Dataselections to Ne...

Puredisk Disaster Recovery Backup failed

Hello, Since 3 weeks, we got our Disaster Recovery Backup failed for Backup MBE Database step and Change CR Mode back to normal. Anything wrong with the public.ds_raw_53 table ? An idea how to fix it ?   [2011-Feb-19 15:06:08 CET] *** Start: DRBackup...

Resolved! Puredisk - Sync of topology failed: ***ERROR***

Hi I have upgraded 3 Puredisk nodes to (Two of them SPA replicate thier configs to the other). Since then I am getting two Critical Errors logged every hour on all three of these. The SPAAR replication now also only works if the files are une...

Puredisk encryption

3 Questions 1) What is the Puredisk encryption algorithm 2) Where is the keystore located. 3) Can the key be rotated with a new key, and how do you do that ( I would like to rotate it once a year.) thanks

PaulN by Level 3
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DL385 G7 rebooting, I may have the answer.

Do you have a PD node running on a DL385 G7 or other G7 AMD platform? I may have some info for you. I just got done with a NASTY rebooting issue with PD and HP DL385 G7's. No one could figure it out, there was nothing written in the linux logs it jus...

Storage Pool Calculator

Hi all, I've read the Puredisk 6.6.1 best practices guide and it mentions a Storage Pool Calculator to determine sizes etc. Where does this live? Where can I get a copy? Any help will be appreciated. Rick

System Requirements

HI,   I wonder if there are any changes in the PD System Requirements on version and Since I upgrade my cluster and I'm noticing a huge increment on the CPU utilization.   During a replication job the CPU utilization hit 85-90% a ...

Resolved! Puredisk 6.6 no agent download

Hi all, I have just installed the Puredisk, but in the puredisk main page. When i select the OS type the download the agent. It showed "No download available" whatever i choose Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OS. I have already inputted the l...

mias by Level 4
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