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Regarding catalog backup

Hi, in my enviorment we have one master server and 4 media server all running in win the master server we have 2 disk partition c: & d: netbackup installed in the c: and size of the disk is 150 GB and free space is 50 GB. while we are taking...

Ram_drk by Level 3
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Can you export puredisk 6.2.2 to Backup Exec 12

Hello, Is it possible to export data from puredisk to backup exec. I want to be able to do both a dr backup of puredisk but also have the ability to backup data that goes outside of the retention policy. Thanks

Stooie29 by Not applicable
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PDOS installation - iSCSI

Hi, I'm trying to install puredisk to POC and we are facing problems when tryint to create disk group with volume manager. Getting these kind of messages when I'm trying to create storage volume to disk group. Trying to format that with XFS Error...

Hietsu by Not applicable
Partner Accredited Certified
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Netbackup Puredisk Encryption

Hi A customer asked me the following questions about the encryption in Puredisk, could you please help me to answers these questions? 1.       Who is the certificate authority for the encryption implemented in Puredisk? 2.       Can this certificate ...

camus by Level 3
Employee Accredited Certified
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Puredisk Backups Failing

Puredisk worked great until I reached about 80% capacity.  Now all of my jobs fail no matter how large are small they are.  I run retention everday and have set retention as low as 1 day.  I still sit at 80% capacity after setting to 1 day and runnin...

DLOW by Not applicable
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Backup EV Placeholder using Puredisk

We are thinking inplement EV on remote office server but we want to backup remote server using PureDisk agent. So far I test pure disk does not able to backup placeholder. Add ExcludeExe registry already, but Puredisk seems not support EV placeholde...

Edwork by Level 4
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Hi, We have an all-in-one node in a "test" configuration mode. We would like to change to a production configuration. That means, we have to change SPA ' IP address /  FQDN of this node. Due to data in /Storage, we don't want to reinstall a node a...

Resolved! Oracle RMAN backup via NetBackup PDDO

Does anyone have ideas how to backup Oracle database by using RMAN scripts to NetBackup PDDO? Currently, our Oracle database servers got NetBackup Oracle agents installed, and backup policies are based on RMAN scripts. In the RMAN scripts, we are c...


I have a customer that has the following configuration: 1. Netbackup 6.5.4 2. PDOS 6.5.1 3. VMware VC 2.5 4. ESX 3.5 5. VCB 1.5 The customer is using VCB to backup the VMware environment and makes use of method 3 (FullVM and file for incremental) in...


Has anyone attempted to install PDOS on an iSCSI LUN?  If so, any advice or caveats to look out for? Thanks in advance fro your replies.

nohup by Level 3
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Resolved! HP-UX mounted NetApp filer backup error

Hi, all I am configure the nfs backup in Puredisk agent setting the "include network shares" option bellow the mount command mount /hsfiler1/Hull /hsfiler1 and backup path is "/hsfiler1/*" So, backup failed. error log is seem to "...... writ...

Jung-kuk_Lim by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! PureDisk Export to NetBackup Tape

Hi, Is PureDisk able to export database and application backup (e.g. MS SQL , MS Exchange) to NetBackup Tape? Thank you.

Sean_- by Level 5
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Network error during webservice call: SSL connect error

PureDisk (6.5) seems to be down. I can't get in to the web interface by fqdn, hostname, or ip address ("Cannot find server or DNS Error"); agent.log on the couple of clients I checked is complaining of "Network error during webservice call: SSL conne...

Terminate jobs from command line

Anyone know how to terminate PD jobs (backup/maintenance/dataremoval ... whatever kind) from command line interface? Sometimes I get too many jobs to terminate from GUI, takes ages. version 6.2 Abe

Abesama by Level 6
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