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Puredisk PDDO Data Removal Workflow

We are in a POC for Puredisk for Netbackup PDDO agents on our Netbackup media servers.   We've run a lot of successful de-duped backups with some 6TB of 16TB used across our two content routers.   Whether we run a manual or let a scheduled version of...

gc_bus by Level 4
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Resolved! PureDisk 6.5 and Hardware support

Hi, Have any one testet to install PD on a HP DL380 G5 with a P800 and MSA60 disk shelf? I have a problem regarding putting together a solution for customer becase the support matrix from Syantec revelse very narrow support for external storage.. An...

Replication Error

Has anyone come across this issue before? I get an error message on the replication jobs for some agents. The error is on the Wait For Job On Remote Storage Pool. Below is the details of the error.   Remote Job ended with executionstatus ERROR  *** S...

Resolved! How to backup only PureDisk configuration

Hello, I want to backup only the puredisk configuration.I notice that the PD_DR backup script backup the /Storage/data which represent a large amount of data ...Or how can I export the PD configuration only ( Worflows, client ID, policies, etc ...) ?...

ElGringo by Level 6
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The unveiling of Symantec Connect...

Coming  March 1st... We'reexcited to announce the release of SymantecConnect.This new community enables you to find & share technicalinformation and to connect with all of your product peers globally.  Itwill combine  and replace the current Symantec...

Turls by Level 6
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Resolved! Adding new node and additional LUN

Hello, I am looking to add another puredisk node to my unclustered environment (there is currently just a single server all-in-one) I plan on using the new node to add a content router and netbackup export engine. However, my current /storage LUN is ...

Resolved! Error: 9: error while processing Insufficient system resources

Hi, I till work with veritas puredisk 6.5 since on month make my backups, policies, and jobs. Reciently on my Job Logs report this Error  Error: 9: \\?\C:\source\unknown.txt: error while processing. Processed 0 of 3534 segments, 926310168 out of 9263...

vmarquez by Level 3
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PureDisk IOPS requirements

Hello, Does anyone know what is or how calculate PureDisk IOPS requirements ? I 've plan SAS drives for PureDisk db (ie /Storage/database) and SATA drives for data.  

ElGringo by Level 6
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Resolved! Export to Netbackup - How to restore with Netbackup??

I am currently in the process of evaluating PureDisk 6.5. Everything seems to be going good, and I will probably by implementing this product into our live environment in the coming months. I have seem to run into a problem in regards to restoring da...

ConnyS by Level 3
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Is SAN Volume Backups possible using PD

Hi ,I would like to know if SAN Volume backups are possible using PD. I want to try this on our test environment with Puredisk 6.5. Scenario is : 4 File and Print servers with 2MB WAN Link at different locations. What I want is to efficently utilize ...

Connect 2 nics or 2 nets

hi, i have a problem, i need install 2 agents in diferentes nets, the agents are installed without errors but when i try to make a backup this faild with the follow error: Error: 15: \\?\C:\: could not store ACL (connection timed out)Error: 15: Could...

kennethp by Level 3
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Resolved! PureDisk Admin Class Course Work

Does anyone have a PDF copy of the Admin Class course work for PureDisk?  I need a copy to help with the first couple implementations and am cant seem to find it anyware. Please email to my username at gmail. Thanks

kpapreck by Level 4
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Resolved! Puredisk Upgrade from to 6.5 failed

I am trying to upgrade puredisk from to 6.5 and the PDOS upgraded sucessfully. Pdisk Application failed with following error;---------------------------------------- ++ Check/update DR Policy  ++ Updating configuration file data  ++ Regenerat...

babyd by Level 4
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Replication of Exchange Data is slow

I am pretty new to this product so any help here is appreciated. It seems that our replication of exchange data maybe taking longer than normal. All other data replications (files and folders, sql) finish within our replication window except exchange...

Content Router unused/not starting after power outage

During Puredisk replication (6.5) between two content routers, the power at the remote site to the PD node and its Storage was disconnected. After a restart the content router will not start and the following is logged in the spoold log file. Decembe...

How to tell if agent is doing anything

Is there a way either on the client or on the server to tell if a backup job is still running or has stalled. Puredisk 6.5. The older progress monitor used to let you see the file that was currently being processed but the new version doesn't (It tel...

Phisically remove data from storage pool

Hi, I am using Veritas Netbackup Puredisk 6.2 and I am running low on free space. So I decided to remove some data selections that are no longer needed.What I did:-Deleted the data selection-Deleted the agent-Ran the Data selection removal policy-the...