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Resolved! Windows Server 2008 Support

 Could anyone tell me if there is a PureDisk Agent for Server 2008 and if not when it is expected? Regards 

DB1066 by Not applicable
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Puredisk DR Backup failing

Hi,  I have just performed an upgrade from 6.2.1 to 6.5, all seems to be OK however when i run the DR Backup to Netbackup i get the following /Storage/log/spoold/storaged.log shows 1701 transactions pending and does not seem to be going down DR Backu...

Resolved! Netbackup and Puredisk and BMR

I am evlauating Puredisk with my netbackup environment. I want to eliminate tape entirely. Do you folks know if a remote netbackup client backing up to a media server with a Puredisk storage pool will do dedup at the client end or at the media server...

totem by Level 2
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Puredisk CIFS Gateway service Uknown

Hi Guys, I am about to perform another 6.2.1 to 6.5 upgrade, however on the current system there is a problem with the CIFS gateway service.  When i try to start it i get the following message 'aborted' and the service states "unknown"  The following...

PD DR and Export Questions

Hi I have a couple of questions you guys might be able to assist with re; DR backup and Export Does the PureDisk DR backup, backup Exchange and SQL database? (I would assume so due to it backing up the de-duped data) Can you Export Exchange and SQL?C...

Replication Progess in PD

Hi Guys, Does anyone know how to detemine the number of batches in a replication job (or know of a good way of tell me how far through the replication is)? I know sometimes if you're quick enough you can see the number of replication batches listed a...

AaronG by Level 2
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Puredisk as a Remote Backup Solution

Hello, I'm new to this product and have been working with my Symantec Rep on the technical details.  I figured I would ask the members here about some of the real world experiences. I'm looking at Puredisk for a Remote Office backup solution as the p...

Puredisk Full Backup Error

Hi everyone I'm trying to do a full DR backup on my puredisk server using the system policy for full dr backup and it is always failing with the error below: [06:08:55] ***  Start: DRBackupCRData ***[06:08:55] Full Backup[06:08:55] Container 0 till 6...

System State Failing to Backup

I have an agent which is constantly failing to backup the system state. Can anyone offer some advice of the following error... Command '""C:\PROGRA~1\Symantec\NetBackup PureDisk Agent\\bin\pdrai" --dsid 5 --generate_po --backup --store --snap --dstyp...

a5972s by Level 3
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Resolved! Puredisk daily export to Netbackup error (version 6.5)

The daily export from Puredisk to Netbackup has been failing each day for about a week now and I am having trouble figuring out how to resolve the issue. Here is what the error states when I look at the admin console activity monitor: 8/26/2008 2:33:...

Puredisk Client export to Netbackup problems

Using PD6.5, exporting to NBU 6.5.1.  Exports start but fault with Status Code 48 "Invalid file descriptor" and the export stops. Anyone have any idea what this might be? Gal.

Gal by Level 3
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Resolved! Agent ID to Agent Name resolution

Our environment is just getting too big to keep track of the agent ID to name resolution.  I've been poking around in the docs and the KB, but I'm not seeing any hints about where to find this list on the SPA.  Has anyone tracked it down?  Also looki...

Error: 71: \\?

Can anyone explain the following error... Error: 71 : \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy14\Inetpub\catalog.wci\ could not be stored because files of type sparse file are not supported on this platform  

a5972s by Level 3
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Exchange job errors

I am having a problem with the exchange backup functionality on Windows Server 2003 R2 servers that are also being backed up using System Recovery 8.02.  Whenever the backup runs, the backup fails with an error "Could not open file C:\\PROGRA~1\\Syma...

DBrittsa by Not applicable
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System State Restore

HiHas anyone been able to get the system state/AD restore to work? I have tried restoring a Windows 2003 system state in Directory Service mode, but receive an error after reboot of the OS. LSASS.exe When trying to update a password the return status...

PureDisk 6.5

Can anyone explain a little more in detail as to what it means when PureDisk says " On Windows operating system clients, PureDisk detects the Windows release version and service pack level. Data selection templates can be created that are specific to...