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Systemstate restores failed with media error

Hi Friends,   I have tired the Systemstate restore from Basic disk & MSDP  for Windows 2008 & 2003. Both are failed with media read error 85. Ran the image verification, it got successful. But not able to restore successfully. Master server NBU 7.1.0...

Nicenavin by Level 4
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Bpexpdate query

Hi all, i am running the bpexpdate command using - bpexpdate -backupid svr-server_1391110193 -d 02/16/2014 17:30:00 -copy 1 -force i get no error when running this command however when i use the command - bpimagelist -U -backupid svr-server_139111019...

Resolved! Advanced Disk Space v De-Dupe Disk Space - 5230 Appliance

Hi, We have a new 5230 appliance where the internal disk has been set up (by default) in the following way: Catalog 20% - around 930GB Advanced Disk 16% De-duplication Pool 64% We intend to backup to site A, then use AIR to replicate to site B (anoth...

lt13624 by Level 4
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Resolved! multiple "Task ended on server PureDisk:"

Hi I'm getting multiple error messages in the Problems / Disk Log in Netbackup administration console: "Error    0    33280    Task  ended on server PureDisk:SERVERNAME on host SERVERNAME.                nbemm" Jobid=0 Type=33280 Process=nbem...

kybeer by Level 5
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Resolved! BMR + Deduplication

Hi Friends,   Wish you happy new year for all. I need an information about BMR.   The BMR will support Media server deduplication or not?

Nicenavin by Level 4
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BusyBox Images

Hi Team,   I need to customise the Netbackup BMR recovery environment for the  project, so that a specific VLAN can be used. Does anyone know how to customise and recompile Busybox images please?    

Backups on MSDP are slow (Slower than Tape)

Hi, I have an environment of Netbackup The environment details are as: Master Server: IBM AIX 6.1, Netbackup Media Server 1 (For AIX systems): IBM AIX 6.1, Netbackup We have and MSDP pool on our media server of 20TB. The file...

How to reduce STU size 6805                                                             9915776 66940254720 1119661056    99%    /opt/app/ebr/cfpddr05/csprd211/nfs_stu0                             ...

NBU-Duplication issue

hi guys,   i'm facing a strange issue when duplication images from my AdvDisk... if i run backup with my Netbackup to Advdisk its successful and duplicating simultaniously to puredisk the performance is  OK up to  (87000KB/SEC) if i run backu...

2 Data Removal Policies for one Data Selection

I manage several remote PureDisk SPAs and noticed one had 2 Data Removal Policies with the same data selected. One removal policy is set to 45 days and the other is set to 15 days. my question is: Does one take priority over the other or will the 15 ...

Rayman by Not applicable
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Stop SLP with current image transfert

Dear All, When i try to cancel a SLP (nbstlutil.exe -cancel and cancel job in activity monitor) the current image transfert doesn't stop and is still transfered. The spoold.exe processus consumes some bandwith and puredisk destination is still growin...

Netbackup exchange 2010 backups failing with error 130

Hi All, From past few days we have been observing error 130 with exchange 2010(DAG)backups, I have checked in various symantec docs and found out issue could either be with circular logging or exchange writers but none of them are issues presently. A...

PureDisk Agent Config File Update is stalled

Hi, I am troubleshooting SPAR replication issue on 6.6.3 PureDisk. On the Destination Storage Pool SPAR jobs start and keep being queued with 0% progress until 24h watchdog kills them. On the Source Storage Pool the SPAR job is killed by watchdog aft...

f25 by Level 4
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OpenVMS API wanted

I am rather new to NetBackup, and I'm trying to write some utilitarian programs in c.  Does anyone have, or know of, an API for OpenVMS?

How to determine if CR rebasing completed

Hi, I am trying to find a way to find out if the post 6.6.3a PureDisk upgrade Content Router rebasing has completed. It is quite easy to check with the crcontrol if the rebasing option is enabled or disabled at all but I would like to know if the reb...

f25 by Level 4
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Possible to rename PureDisk storage server?

Hello, I apologize in advance if this has been asked, but my search did not come up with anything. My question is a simple one, but may not have a simple answer:   Is there a way to rename a PureDisk storage server?   Thanks! Jack