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Resolved! Seeding Netbackup Puredisk locally to USB?

Hello, I am running a Netbackup Puredisk server and have to begin backups of a large amount of data over a very small link. Is there any funcionally within puredisk to allow me backup to USB on the server i am backing up and then Plug the USB...

Matt_Harris by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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Common issues in Puredisk concept

Hi All,   Hope your are doing well..   We are going to use puredisk in our environment with NBU 7.1, kindly let us know common issues on puredisk with solutions.   Regards, Nnkvnb    

nnkvnb by Level 2
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Resolved! Error 83 after server reboot,

When I reboot my NBU on Win2008R2 with MSDP, immediatly after the server is online, and a backup job is scheduled, I get error 83 on that job. If I retry the job a few minutes after the jobs runs just fine. I have seen this behaviour more tha...

kybeer by Level 5
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Scavenging frequency

Hi, We're running NetBackup Puredisk and every 12 hours there is a lot of activity on the database disk which uses almost 25% of the disk. Is there a way to change the frequency or is there some other method available to decrease the disk usage? /Per

Per_J by Level 2
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Resolved! MSDP - Timeout beim anlegen eines PureDisk Disk Pools

Hallo. Hoffentlich kann mir jemand von Euch helfen :) Über "Configure Disk Storage Server" wurde auf einem Media Server ein MSDP Storage Server eingerichtet. Danach wollte ich über "Configure Disk Pool" einen PureDisk Diskpool anlegen. Dabei habe d...

Resolved! MSDP, need to increase "Space allocated for containers"

Hi! I have created an 100GB MSDP drive. Yesterday I increased the drive in Windows with 600GB so it's now 700GB, but my output with crcontrol --dsstat 1 still shows "Space allocated for containers   107052610474 bytes (99.70GB) How do I increase the ...

kybeer by Level 5
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Puredisk storage migration

Hi everyone, I'm new to puredisk, my company wants to decomission the storage array where puredisk is running. The storage pool it's about 4TB. What is the best way to migrate the storage pool on a new physical array? new LUN are already visible to t...

beaumont02 by Level 0
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Linux und MSDP Filesystem >16TB

Hallo. Wollte gerade auf meinem Redhat ( REL5 ) Linux Media Server ein 50TB ( 20 x 2,5TB LUNs ) Filesystem für meinen MSDP Pool anlegen. - Und stellte dabei fest das das ext4 Filesystem nur Größen bis 16TB unsterstützt. Wir habt ihr das gelöst ? -> G...

CLI Command For Dedup Rates

NBU Experts,   Do any of you know if there is a CLI command  that can tell the dedup rate for all the images created, and stored in a PureDisk pool? For examaple, if I run bpimagelist on the master server I get some good info, but not the dedup rate ...

PureDisk 6.6.5 is now available!

Greetings all, The FINAL release update for NetBackup PureDisk, version 6.6.5, is now available! Release Update NB_PDE_6.6.5-53481.tar provides cumulative fixes to Symantec NetBackup (tm) PureDisk 6.6. Documentat...

CRZ by Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
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Puredisk Appliance GUI sort order

Hello, I have a Puredisk Appliance.  When I use the web GUI and go into the Manage->Policies area, the agents appear in the order they were added to the system instead of alphabetical order.  This makes it very difficult to find the agent names when ...

Disk or tape to Deduplication Disk Pool

Hi Everyone, I am wondering if there is a way I can duplicate images that I have stored on either disk or tape to a Dedup Pool? Windows 2008 R2 Media and Master servers running Netbackup

rbkguy by Level 4
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Puredisk 6.6.3 export to Netbackup failing with Error5

Hi, Im getting below error message when try export data from Puredisk 6.6.3 to Netbackup (tape backup) please advice the solution   Error: 5: Failed to create an XBSA object [2013-Jun-16 20:50:04 PDT]Error: 5 : Failed to create an XBSA object Error...

logen by Level 3
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Parallel restores from MSDP's

Can anyone tell me if there is a limit to the number of restores that can be launched/running concurrently from a single MSDP, and if so what the constraints are based on?

MaryR by Not applicable
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