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Is there a way to speed up MSDP startup?

I am in the process of upgrading my NetBackup environment from v7.1.0.4 to v7.5.0.5.  Master server on Linux is done as are some of my Linux based media servers. I am now starting on my Windows 2008 based MSDP servers with one done so far.  However, ...

MSDP status 2074, but volume is not down

Does anyone here have any experience yet using Cisco UCS blades as NBU media servers? We are migrating our existing Oracle x86 and Solaris Sparc media server hardware connecting to Data Domains over NFS, to Cisco UCS blades running Red Hat Linux and ...

Mass delete error messages

When sorting though error messages in Puredisk, we have 33,611 critical error messages. the error itself has been resolved, but I would like to remove these messages. Does anyone know a way to mass delete these? Right now I can only remove them 20 or...

Puredisk SUSE OS not adding new labels to disk

we are running puredisk version on suse 10 linux.  We have currently run out of storage and are trying to extend the /storage/data partition .  the storage is presented from a dell md3000 but for some reason newly presented disks have no labl...

Ashz_Tomz by Level 5
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Suse linux - Disk not having labels

Hi ,  I added  some disks from my dell md 3000 storage array to my linux box but for some reason these disks dont have labels assosiated with it allowing me to format them for use.. We use puredisk application and its on suse linux 10 In below [3:0:0...

Ashz_Tomz by Level 5
Partner Accredited Certified
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MSDP question re full at 96% vs. high water mark at 98%

  When does full disk processing take place?  At 96% or 98% ? And doesn't this all imply that a high water mark is probably best set to something like 90% (max)or probably (85%) so that clenup can occur before it gets full.  If so, then why is teh de...

sdw305 by Level 3
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Creating MSDP Linux RH NBU

Hi,   Just a quick question. I need to get the actual path so that I can setup MSDP on a RHEL5 media server (, Windows is easy since it would be E:\MSDP or whatever you would use for the logical drive letter.   NBU is installed on the primary...

wan2live by Level 3
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Resolved! contentrouter.cfg

Hi All, Just trying to understand the contentrouter.cfg file, its located in \veritas\pdde\ and in msdp\etc\puredisk The files look identical, so im just wondering why in both locations, and if I update the one in \msdp\etc\puredisk, i take it i have...

NBU dimensioning puredisk DSU

Good morning all,   today i need to dimension a new MEDIA for a bunch of servers that are going to be added to the one. I'm talking of 10 servers someone with SAP db, below detailed: 2.35T of raw space (maximum disk capacity summed for all the server...

How to change MSDP Path?

  Hi All, Master Server:nbu I config MSDP path "c:\dedup", the disk does not  have enough space. so i want to change the path(c:\dedup)to "d:\dedup".  pls check Attachment.   TKS

Puredisk system state job never runs

Hi All, new to Puredisk. For a long time now the system state and services backup never runs. It starts with "Prepare Backup Client Side" - and says "Aborted by Watchdog" Job 49846: Aborted by Watchdog window exceeded  *** Supportability Summary ***...

Resolved! deduplication

Hi ALL, we are working on using deduplication technology in our environment but want to have below things clear:Just the basic idea? Before NBU 7.x,How do we do deduplication? we use symantec netbackup pure disk?Symantec NetBackup PureDisk is a produ...

noazara by VIP
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