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Puredisk 6.6 backup taking very long to complete daily backups.

Hi, need some advise from our Puredisk gurus. Some of our files servers at our remote sites are not completing their daily backups within 24 hour windows and exceeding it ... sometimes may take 3 or 4 days to complete all the backup jobs. Each server...

fyl by Level 2
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Help, Pleeeease. desperately trying to configure an N5000

I will update this more later but the basics.   run: single node add FQDN:   it won't take it. it complains.  if I try and plug in the network cable it assign the dhcp address as the node name,   Please he...

AnKirby by Level 4
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Resolved! PDDO Replication job fails,aborted by watchdog

Hi,   Im currently running PureDisk version I am replicating data from one linux server to another locally and im getting the following error. I have applied eeb20-rollup2   This is my error message. *** Supportability Summary *** jobid = 1...

jploui by Level 4
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Multimple Deduplication paths - Same media server

Hi all, how are you guys? I just wanna know if there is posible to have multiples deduplication paths configured from the same media server. I mean, I have 3 luns asigned to a media server, What is the best I can do to use those 3 LUNs to deduplicate...

PDDO Data Removal does not run

Hi, Setup : NBU 7.0.1 sending PDDO backups to PureDisk Problem that we are facing on the PureDisk server is that the PDDO Data Removal policy runs, but it stays at 0% and does not clean any data. Any suggestions? TIA Stefaan

How to enable SPA replication?

Hi, I have PureDisk storage pools running EEB20. I cannot enable SPA Replication from the Central SP. There is no SPA replication policy available and I cannot use Configuration - Topology - Enable SPA Replication. The funny thing is that the...

f25 by Level 4
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hi to all

what is the difference between 5.x and 6.x process flow?  plese forward the solution immediatley

jagun by Level 3
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Puredisk 6.6.3 Key not found in INI file /etc/puredisk/agent.cfg

Hi I just took ove a puredisk environment, yesterday the servers were uppgraded to 6.6.3a.   But now i receive Key not found in INI file /etc/puredisk/agent.cfg, section:replication on all my servers that replicates. I've tried to google it, but cant...

Olssa by Level 3
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Resolved! removing of Puredisk diskpool

I have performed the below mentioned . (STEPS REMOVED, AS YOU SHOULD NOT DO THEM) I do faced issue when perform the steps 8 . error meessage unable to connect socket. I found that my netbackup EMM service will be hanged and Windows event viewer are s...

demo4119 by Level 6
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duplication job taking too long

Hello All, I need your help in troubleshooting the below issue. NetNBackup 7.1 is the version that is being used, and the Master Server is running on windows platform. Exchange server backup is performed with the following settings. Policy storage is...

Yajith by Level 4
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Restore to CIF / UNC / Mapped Drive

Puredisk   I have a server that went down with about 1.25TB of data (lost two drives in the raid).  It's going to take some time to get this system up, and I need to get to the restore data pronto.  However the only space I have to restore da...

PureDisk 6.6.3 with 6 nodes / rerouting MBE for a PDDO agent, it's possible ?

Hi,  I have a Storage Pool PureDisk 6.6.3a with 6 nodes :    - Node 1 / SPA, MBS, MBE and CR    - Node 2 / MBE and CR    - Node 3 / MBE and CR    - Node 4 / MBE and CR    - Node 5 / MBE and CR    - Node 6 / MBE and CR     This Storage Pool work ...

Stephane_COLIN by Level 4
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Puredisk - compaction

Hi! We have two Puredisk SPA's; we have seven content routers per SPA and each SPA sits at around 59% utilisation of 185TB usable space per SPA. We only use Puredisk as back-end storage for Netbackup PDDO backups. (Netbackup version 7.1...

gc_bus by Level 4
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Failed adding credentials for OpenStorage host

Hi, my master server is NBU 7.1 on Windows 2008 R2 SP1. I have a UNIX media server (AIX 6.1, NBU 7.1). I installed PDDO plugin (PDDO 6.6.1 )in this media server and tried to establish the PDDO connection between the UNIX media server the and the Pure...

liuyang by Level 6
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SP Consistency Check Error

I have a 5020 appliance running (planning to upgrate to at some point), but there are 2 SP consistency jobs that keep constantly failing (after running for a while), week after week, on 2 specific datasets (across 2 different servers)...

Speeder by Level 3
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