Disaster Recovery Backup and Replication Solution

hi all,


i am a newbie here.


i am looking for a solution for backup and recovery. planning to build a new DR site. which is 450m away from our office.


what items should i have in the list?

can anyone show me a network architecture of a backup and recovery DR?

what software and hardware should i acquire in order to have a backup and replication?


your replies are highly appreciated.

thank you

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Hello   Sorry for the late



Sorry for the late reply. You have posted in a forum dedicated to a specific (discontinued product, NetBackup RealTime). Next time post in the NetBackup forum as selected from the dropdown above.


You can start to look at the NetBackup Appliance for your solution. Please see the link below.




As for an architecture, that would really depend on the size and requirement of your orginization.


Hi  Please check the below


Please check the below link, for NetBackup 5230 Appliance Quick Reference Card it may helpful