Netbackup 7.0

Hello ... I is Netbackup 7.0 the highest version?
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Hello Petolliver,

Yes, currently Netbackup 7 is the latest version, for more info on product screenshot and tour visit the below url




Currently yes.

This is the case for both NetBackup Realtime (the product that relates to the forum you posted the query) and NetBackup Server/NetBackup Enterprise Server (the product that it appears you are questioning! wink)


NetBackup Realtime Release Details

NetBackup Server Release Details

NetBackup Enterprise Server Release Details

Just like buses, nothing for 6 days & then 2 responses at the same time!

Netbackup version 7 is the

Netbackup version 7 is the latest and for the security patches you can visit at vos.symantec.com (if released by symantec)