RealTime vs. OST Appliance

I have two questions that I have been unable to find a definitive answer to. 

First, will RealTime replicate backup data across a WAN in the same fashion an OST compliant appliance (exagrid, data domain) does?  I've been reading the RealTime admin guide and it states that RealTime is capable of replicating data across a WAN, but it doesn’t mention backup data.  It references "application data" several times.  Could this data be NetBackup disk based backup data, or is RealTime used as a system to system replication tool (i.e. oracle DB system vs. disk based backups)?

Second, if RealTime can be used for remote replication of disk based backups does anyone have real experience they can share?

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Real Time used as a CDP type

RealTime is used as a CDP type product.  Not really for backup data.

That said, NBU7 or NBU6.5 with PureDisk 6.6 can do backup data replication just like OST devices, without the OST hardware tax.