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Change path restore file - NSS 9.0

Level 3

Hi community,

I have exactly the same problem (, I want to be able to change the restore path (in process file restore). We have NSS 9.0. I figured out that one could do this by maybe modifying DBRESTFILE in Request Type Maintenance.
Indeed, we can put the input field (Restore path ) in write mode, in roles TAB (by unchecking Read Only).
But despite this, when restoring, it does not apply the value of the path entered :(
Is there a possible solution in the NSS interface, or do we have to go through Is it compatible with NSS version 9.0? When we'll upgrade in 10.0 version, it will be compatible ?

Thank you very much for your help,



Level 3

I had a case open for exactly this. Their answer was "its working as designed".

If you need to change the destination path, your only option seems to be using "Restore to alternate VM" , and selecting the same VM as destination. In there, you do have free hands at typing your own dest. path.