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Does NSS support Email notification for exact user, group of users (Finished Backup etc.)

Level 4


May you be so kind to consult me on this issue:

Is it possible to make a unique Mail Notification for every user/usergroups regisitered in NSS.

For example:

User 1 will recieve notifications of succesfull restores/backups for 1 of 10 computers

User 2 will recieve notification of succesfull restores/backup for 10 of 10 computers

and so on...


Haven't found any technotes regarding the setup of such functions in NSS Documentation...

Best Regards, AlChie


NSS is designed to montor for backup images being present within the threshold (time) that you set against the protection level(s), it does not monitor the actual backup jobs themselves. Any machines out of their threshold are flagged Red visible via the traffic lights on the homepage.

In your example when user1 or user2 logs in they may only see the machines in their list which are relevent to them and will be able to easily monitor their health by checking the traffic lights on the health page.

On the Roadmap for NSS there is an item in the Backlog that addresses your requirement specifically.