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Federated Single Sign-On

Level 2


When trying to login to self service after configuring web.config for federated single sign on as per the self service configuration guide, we are receiving an error where the username / password box should normally be displayed.  Error message within attached file.

Web.config has been configured as per guide and switching Authentication mode back to forms allows us to login to NSS without federated SSO

Have tried a number of browsers and same error observed.  We have noticed when entering the URL for self service that additional items are added to the URL as follows:


If this is removed, we are directed to the ADFS page and prompted to signon, but this does not then log us in to self service.

Is this a known error or something which has been observed previously?

Any assistance, greatly appreciated.

Thank you!




No this is not a known error. 

We do give this as an example, but it may be worth running past your local AD team as in our experience it's likely to be a configuration issue somewhere in AD.

Do you have any other logs which pinpoint the error, the error you have sent is a very general one?



Hi Jon,

Thanks for getting back to me, I checked Windows event logs and nothing in there, the guide seems straightforward enough and everything looks configured correctly.

Not really sure where else to look, I'll ask customer to check for AD / ADFS logs