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I have a customer who is having an issue When trying to do a file restore for vCloud.

Level 3

In the template policy - Enable file recovery is checked.

For VMware backed up machines, it works exactly as they would expect, it creates an item for restore file on the virtual machine instance itself.


That menu allows navigation, and functions exactly as you would expect.


In the “Vcloud” version of the interface it exposes a capability to register a machine for Single File Restore:



Now the register capability is along the lines of what they expected, it should register it as a point for “alternate restores” of the data.


Here is the part that is not working as I as they thought


Register for File Restore goes into a pending state and *never* actually does anything; I assume if it ran it would create a dialog for restore file?


Veritas, questions for you :


  1. Is register a machine for file restore supposed to do anything ?
  2. Is there supposed to be a restore file view visible to tenants?


I did a webex with the customer and it does just going into the pending state and it does nothing.  It doesn’t appear to fail either, just sits in pending.


The customer is running version 8.1. 

Has anybody else seen this issue ?




‘Register for file restore’ is a standard process which sets the selected machine’s netbackup client name to a DNS address. This is a fully automated request process and you will be able to select 'Restore File' once it has completed.

Note: This must be an address is that can be resolved by the master server and also the master server has to have network access to it.

When you say pending, where is it pending? 

Are you able to run other requests ok, the request being stuck on pending may point to the Service not running, it may be worth restarting it anyway, look for the 'Biomni Front Office x.x (NetBackupSelfservice)' service and check it is running.