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Is there a way to raise alert (email) if customer vcloud import fails

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Is there a way of notifying the customer via email, if one of their customer deletes the vcdorg service account from vCloud.
Authentication with vCloud director was unsuccessful(sorry screenshot is not very clear)
Also look in Monitoring to see the vcloud import job failing:
I know in the setting up of Self Service you can configure SMTP settings for outbound email, but I can't see anything on configuring specific emails, like the ask here.
Email Tab
  • To configure SMTP settings for outbound email, click Edit SMTP Settings.

  • Review core email addresses for the system.

  • Send test email. Click Send Test Email to send a test email from the Self Service system. For the email to be sent, a Windows service must be active, the email task must be enabled, and the SMTP settings must be correct.

  • Check the email queue. To view queued emails click Email Queue. The email queue shows any errors that are encountered with sending the email. When the mail is sent successfully it is removed from the queue.

If anybody has any can help with this, I appreciate it.
Thank you

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Im pretty sure there is no such thing currently in the NSS. But with a little bit of scripting knowledge there are workarounds to get the desired outcome.

You can use Rest API call /activities which can be used with odata query and return latest errors on some regular basis, maybe every 30min, and then send an email if it recognizes import failed status. In theory you should be able to pull out the admin email address from the NSS as well.

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Hello Boris,


Thank you for replying to the query.  I did think there was not a alert that was already there and could be used, as saw nothing that could work. 

Rest API's does seem the way to go, just did not enter my head.

Cheers, will have a look in to that.