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Linux file restore with NSS

Hello everyone.

We are testing file restore operation using NSS.

The environment is as follows.
NSS(8.1) ...Language setting: Japanese
RHEL7.4 (VM)

First, we performed Linux file restore on NSS.
Next, when we opened a folder, multiple folders with the same name were displayed.(Attach a file)

Have you ever seen something like this? (Is this a specification?)

Are multibyte (Japanese) files / directories compatible with UTF-8 only?


Best Regards.

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Re: Linux file restore with NSS

Thank you for getting in touch.

We are currently investigating a similar issue at another customer, but have only ever seen this behaviour once before in their environment.

Your insight would be most useful in helping us further investigate.  Please would it be possible for you to raise a support case?  We can then contact you directly for further discussions.