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NSS 10 upgrade fails

Level 3

Hello again,

Has anyone tried upgrading to NSS 10 from NSS 9.0 already?

My attempt failed during adapter upgrade on portal server with:

"error : Unable to find or remove existing NSS Certificate

Done building project "InstallAdapterUrls.proj -- FAILED.

Build FAILED."

We use two-server install.

What is interesting is the fact that afterwards the NSS appears to work as expected, but we cant be sure if there are now any hidden issues caused by this.

Any ideas?


Level 3

Hi Boris,

Have you found any solution to this issue? I encounter the same issue with 10.0 (Adapter upgrade fails).

Initially I have tried a direct 9.0->10.1 upgrade, and there I've got the same error for both Portal and Adapter, and the website was not working. So I have tried a 9.0->10.0 upgrade. I've got the error only on Adapter, but I haven't stayed with it, I have just rolled back to the 9.0 snapshot.

P.S. We are using a single server installation.

Level 3

Sorry for the late reply.

I have ended up opening a case just to be sure, and was told that ths error is safe to ignore.

I havent noticed any issues with the NSS website during the time we were on that version.