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NSS Integration with VRealize Log Insight and VROPs

Level 4

Hello All,

Does anyone has any documentation around NSS integration with VRLI (vRealize Log Insight) and VROPs. How to do it and what are the benefits ?

Any documentation link will be of great help, thanks


Level 5


There is no out of the box functionality for this but VRO is extendable to do this. 

For NSS users I am aware off this has not been implemented yet, but interetsing to see if anyone in the communitty has attempted this yet.

Some discussion has taken place around using NSS for health monitoring and feeding this to 'Insight'. Youy can use the NSS api to get all red (i.e. out of backup threshold) machines, maybe every 15 minutes?

As a test/demo/POC we have  built a process that runs every day and raises ServiceNow incidents for every red machine. In a similar way, the process could call the VRA api and write to the Insight Log

All NSS usage information is also accessible via the API, you have lots of options.