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NSS - Jobs tab not working

Level 3

Hello everyone,

I have noticed an interesting feature inside Netbackup SelfService - the Jobs tab within VM window.

This would greatly help with the workload in our team as we are very often asked by customers if the backups or restores are running (due to patching activities etc.).

But, i have two issues.

1. It doesnt work. I get "Could not connect to backup server REST API." This is strange because this is the only component that has a problem.  Inside swagger i found this - /v6/machines/{id}/jobs which seems to correspond with that feature, and when i run it from swagger i get more interesting error:

"ExceptionMessage": "Value cannot be null.\r\nParameter name: source",

 But unfortunately im stuck as i have no idea which "source" is it reffering to.

Anyone here who experienced this and found a solution?

2. This seems like a neat feature, but i noticed only Supervisor sees this option. It is hidden for Client administrators, which seems like an oversight, because they are the ones who should be informed about the status, as regular Admins / Supervisors have access to the Netbacku console to check it ourselves. 

I tried creating specific Access profile but even with all of the options enabled, this is still not showing.

How can i include this Jobs view into Client administrator profiles?

Version of NSS is 9.0 and NB 9.1

Thank you