NetBackup Self Service NIAGARA

Hello all;

is it possible to have more details on new release RoadMap (https://biomni.aha.io) ?

in particular, I'm looking for details on upcoming vCD plugin functionalities & vCD releases supported by plugin


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Re: NetBackup Self Service NIAGARA


Thats a great question and thanks for your interest. The information below comes with the normal health warnings for software releases, i.e. nothing is final until its final and release dates and functionality is subject to change etc.

The vCD plugin for NSS will match NSS vCD functionality i.e. a tenant will be able to perform the following actions on vCD objects:

  • Protect, Unprotect, Backup Now, Restore VM, Restore File (not all actions are available on all objects e.g. file restore is not applicable to a vDC)
  • It will also introduce support for agentless file restore and a dashboard with the familiar traffic lights and usage information.

NSS needs to be installed and configured but the tenant will be able to do everything from vCD without having to access the NSS Portal

The plugin will follow vCDs’ guidelines on scope and UX and its aim is to provide a seamless experience to the tenant user.

The minimum vCD version is 9.7