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Port usage with SelfService

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Hello, apologies in advance as I have not done anything on SelfService before.


I have a customer who was originally getting this error (see attached)


He says:

If we enable port 80 on Bindings in IIS settings the page is loading but the requirement is to disable Port 80 as per our Corporate Security. Hence please suggest us where to update settings in NSS to use only port 443.


Can you offer me a bit of advice on this please as to what the port requirements he should be using for NSS?





See NSS Architure and ports in this diagramSee NSS Architure and ports in this diagram

The port bindings on the website in IIS allow you to create a binding for HTTPS 443.  However, a requirement of IIS is to have a certificate you can apply (a requirement of HTTPS) in order to create the binding.  In production, we would expect this to be a cert from a certification authority, but IIS does allow the creation of 'Self Signed' certificates which then allows the creation of the 443 binding, but will return a cert error when browsing to it (the site can be added as exception to your browser to avoid this, but the intention should always be to eventually obtain a certification authority cert).

As the installer has already created some non-HTTPS URIs in your NSS config files, you will need to alter these.  We will have a detailed document on how to do this here on VOX soon, but for now you can contact the Veritas helpdesk for further assistance and we can walk you through the process.