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Trouble Shooting: Self Service data synchronization issues

Level 5

Troubleshooting NetBackup Self Service data synchronization issues

Note: the tab ‘Locations’ has been renamed to ‘Backup Servers’ in Self Service 8.1.2.

This post will cover:
• Issues with data synchronization
• Generated reports from connected master servers
• Connection issues between Self Service and connected master servers, or other systems such as vCloud Director

Backup Catalog data incorrect
Running a manual system sync can help with issues like backups not showing against computer. This will refresh all computers with any new catalog data created since the last sync.
Monitoring tab > System Sync > Run Now
- If an older backup is missing, catalog data will not be included in the system sync
- If data is missing, on the Computers tab, manually refresh the specific computer by clicking Refresh NetBackup data, via the cog,
- All catalog data for the computer will be resynchronized

Dashboard reports not accurate

Perform a manual system sync to refresh catalog data and update dashboard reports.

Monitoring tab > System Sync > Run Now

Computer not found (vCloud Director)
If the computer was imported from vCloud Director, a tenant admin can perform a manual refresh to import any changes in the estate since the last scheduled sync. Note: the tenant admin should check the vCloud Director Password is correct.
Tenant computer list > click on top level vCloud node > cog > Refresh
Self Service administrator can also perform a manual import on the Monitoring tab, for tenants.

Please note: For VMware query-based policies, NetBackup caches the result of the policy query based on value in the ‘Reuse VM selection query results for…’ attribute. Depending on the frequency shown, there may be some time where the computer has been provisioned in VMware but is not available to the policy (as the cached results do not include it). Please contact your local Veritas representative for more information on this.

A tenant cannot find the computer in their computer list
- Does the computer exist in the inventory?
- Does the user have restricted permissions to view the computer? This could be set by the tenant administrator user. Computer > User Access tab.
- Has the computer been registered against the wrong tenant?
- Are computers being registered via custom integration? Check integration components.


Level 2

Hi Tracey,

I hope you are doing good. Thanks for this post.

We had/ have this issue where NSS unprotects and deletes all our policies.

NBU ; NSS version 9.0.  &  VMware Cloud Director version:

The fix we used here was restart the vcd cells and the add all the 100+ VM manually to the protection policy.

We were Working with earlier and the plan was to keep a record of protection in a CSV and then to work on a script that uses the CSV to re-protect after a mass-unprotection. As the past protection status is lost, using an outside record of protection.

Do we have a better solution for this problem?





Hi Nik,

I'm pleased to say some changes were made to NSS version 9.1. to address sync issues based on your original support ticket.

While the infrastructure issue that led NSS to think the source was empty was never confirmed, it is worth upgrading NSS to version 9.1. to see if this resolves your issue.

Let us know how you get on.



That's awesome!! Thanks Ben.