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Trouble Shooting: Self Service jobs failing or not starting

Level 5

Troubleshooting NetBackup Self Service jobs failing or not starting

Note: the tab ‘Locations’ has been renamed to ‘Backup Servers’ in NetBackup Self Service 8.1.2

Jobs failing: cog is red
Log in as admin. Check the Activity section in the Monitoring tab.
Is there a connectivity error to master server?
Perform backup server / location connection check. If icons are not visible, ensure NSS host is added to ‘Trusted Sites’ in Internet Explorer settings.
Is there a Policy does not exist error?
Check protection types / template policies.
Is there a Backup Now error / entity not found?
Entity not found usually relates to missing expected schedule on the policy. In the case of Backup Now, the schedule should always be called, ‘Default’.
Is there another error, either a general error or a NetBackup command error? If this is not clear from the error, try running the command shown in the activity history via the NetBackup command line or run a NetBackup trace. Contact Veritas support if needed.

Further troubleshooting on NetBackup

If problems persist, additional investigation may need to occur on the NetBackup master server
- NetBackup console should be checked for errors
- Try running the command being remotely executed by Self Service via the command line on the master server, and trace the error from there
- The CLI command executed can be identified via the Self Service activity history

See attached for examples of jobs failing

Activity does not start: backup, protect or unprotect job does not start
A task (backup, protect, register a location, etc.) is initiated: no activities are showing in the Monitoring tab, cog does not spin or the location does not appear in the list.

Is the NetBackup Self Service windows service running?
Is there an error in the Activity Detail?
Are there any errors on the NetBackup server? If so, try running the NetBackup command directly on the master server and check for errors.

Activity does not complete: job starts but does not complete or cog spins indefinitely
A job is initiated; the cog starts to spin but the job does not complete, or errors.
Are there errors on the Monitoring tab?
If no errors are found, check the windows service is running.
If errors are found, check NetBackup console for errors. Try running the NetBackup command directly on the master server and check for errors.