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Veritas NetBackup Self Service plug-in for VMware vCloud Director

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Available now.........

The VMware vCloud plugin for NSS(NetBackup Self Service)  match's NSS to vCloud functionality i.e. a tenant is be able to perform the following actions on vCloud objects:

Protect, Unprotect, Backup Now, Restore VM, Restore File (not all actions are available on all objects e.g. file restore is not applicable to a vDC)

It also introduces support for agentless file restore and a dashboard with the familiar traffic lights and usage information.

NSS needs to be installed and configured but the tenant is able to do everything from vCloud without having to access the NSS Portal

The plugin follows vCloud's guidelines on scope and UX and it provides a seamless experience to the tenant user.

The minimum VMware vCloud version supported is 9.7

Additional Overview Video and Powerpoint is available below in the attachments section.

This plugin is available in the Veritas Downloads area where NSS can be downloaded also.




>>November 2020 version1.1 released with the following updates:-<<

Enhancement - Dashboard Page

A new Dashboard link in the left-hand menu is now available. When selected, the protection status counts are displayed as colored tiles (red for attention, amber for unprotected, green for protected). Additionally, the total Consumed Capacity is displayed. This represents the total size of backups (using “front end” size of assets at time of backup).

Enhancement - Running & Failed Activities

Backup / restore activities triggered from within the plugin can now be viewed via a gear icon next to the object (virtual datacentre, vAPP, or VM).

The gear icon depicts the following statuses:

  • If the activity is in progress, an animated / spinning gear icon is shown.
  • If any error occurred in the activity, a red gear icon is shown. Clicking on a gear icon will take the user to a new Activities History page for the object.

Bug Fix - UI Consistency

The filtering UI on the vAPP and VM page has been brought into line with the standard UI for VMware vCloud Director version 10.0.


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Hello Jon! 

Kindly share the link where we can get the download, as I could not get it anywhere on the Veritas NetBackup Support Site.

Veritas NetBackup Self Service plug-in for VMware vCloud Director v1.0

Level 5


As per the original article this is not released yet.

This will be released in a few weeks time, details on how to download will be available here then



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Partner Certified

Hi Jon,


is vcloud 9.7 supported in NSS 8.2? I couldn't find a mention of it.



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Hi Dan

Good to hear from you, hope you are keeping well.

Yes NSS 8.2 does support vCloud 9.7, currently we don't publish that, but following your quesry we will in the future!



Level 5

This is now released and available in the Veritas Downloads area