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Veritas NetBackup Self Service

Level 1


Wish you a Happy New Year.

I have the below queries regarding the NetBackup Self Service.

1. Will a user be able to perform granular restore (file/folder) from a VM Image based backup?

2. Can we set permission to a user in such a way that he is having access/premissions to perform backup and restores only for the Servers (VM/Physical) for which he is the owner?

3. Do we require additional licenses for NetBackup Self Service?


Level 1

You have a couple options to get a license. Its fairly easy to get a temp key from your account person. Those are good for like 60 or 90 days and will let you install/deploy just about anything.

Beyond that you can either go the route of installing using your keys from work depending on how your relationship is with your company and the management. As long as they key isnt published and your environment stays an offline ish test environment it wont cause problems.

Finally the darker road of friends in low places. People can get keys that work for just about any option.