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Resolved! NSS & NBU Client Encryption

Does NSS have any limitation with the NBU Client Encryption Option(s) and where the keyfile is generated locally on the client server. If you have any information or workflow to share, it would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to understand how a ...

Resolved! NSS installation in non-English language

I want to use NSS with a Russian language GUI. When installing the Portal and choosing System Base Language = Russia everything seems to install OK. However when I login the panels are not loading at all. I have an empty page or rotating circles. If ...

Resolved! Multitenant IP conflicts

A service provider is building a cloud system within their premises that will host their customer’s machines. How do they deal with customers who have IP conflicts with their other customers, ie customer A and customer B have the same subnet ranges? ...

RedHat3.10 missing from Client operating systems

Hi,I have just upgraded Veritas Netbackup from to  7.7.3 on windows 2008R2 server. I need to backup some Red Hat Linux 7 (kernel 3.10) servers but have found only RedHat2.6.18 on the Hardware and Operating systems choices which doesn't work w...

Resolved! NSS & backup duplication via SLP

I have a backup policy which backs up a machine to disk for one week. It uses an SLP (Storage Lifecycle Policy) to duplicate this backup to tape and sets the retention for one year. In NSS only the first image is showing?

Resolved! Does NSS support SAML2

One of documented authentication methods supported by NSS is Federated Single Sign on by the WS-Federation Passive Protocol. The documentation provides the following statement that SAML2 protocol is not supported: ‘Self Service supports Federated Sin...