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10 years old netbackup appliance database service down, ssl certification out date

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Hi all,

we have a netbackup appliance server. already run for 10 years.

now, the infarservices database service down.


Database is not running.

so. we check the database log.the error is ssl certifications is expired. the database can not start.


Please help us. thanks.



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sorry. calculate mistake. 6 years, not 10 years.

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anyone help?

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I suggest you to open a case to veritas support.

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It would help if you said what version of NetBackup you are using  (or the Appliance version).

There are a couple of KNOWN reasons why the certificates show as expired.

1) They have expired... (they should auto renew, but if the appliance was shutdown, (or if someone changed the clock) and the time difference between the clock now and the last time in the certificate is out by a large amount it may no longer be able to auto renew). 
2) They fail to extend, this is know to be an issue with older versions of NetBackup 8.x where the "date format" (locale) is different to the expected "american" date format....  the difference in date formats causes a parsing issue see,

Steps in the above technote could help you to recreate the tomcat certificates (if that is the issue), but  it would be good to know the version that you are having issues with, as the symptoms could be the same but the cause may be something different.  Please TAKE CAUTION, as the steps in the Technote could end up needing to re-issue host ID certificates to ALL clients!!  If in doubt open a case with Veritas Support!!


thank you for your reply.

appliance version is 3.0

does auto renew require internet connection? this appliance does not have internet connection. and never shutdown in the passed four years.


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Check your private messages in VOX.  I left some words for you.