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156 Snapshot error during VMWare backups: Jobs not restarted!

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I have configured Netbackup on Windows 2008 R2 x64 server to backup our VMWare environment...

I have configured a policy to query our VCenter server to automatically select the VM's to be backed up.

All in all the jobs run great: I get good speeds and most of the time the jobs finish without any errors...

My problem is the following:

Sometimes a SNAPSHOT on the VM fails (For instance due to VMWare timeouts) and the Chilld job for that particular VM fails with error 156 (Which is correct!)

What is NOT correct however, is the fact that that job is NEVR RETRIED whilst the window is still open...

The Childjob remains at error 156 and after the other jobs have all finished, the parent job also gets the 156 status (As one of its childeren got that status)...

My question:

How can I make sure failed backup jobs due to SNAPSHOT 156 errors are retried?


My 'Job retry delay=10 Min' and I schedule a 'maximum of 20 backup attempts per 12 hours'

The child job always remains at ATTEMPT 1 after the 156 and is never retried...

Hope you can help me!

Thanks in advance!



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Not really giving you a solution here, but I'd like to explore this with everyone else on the forum. You can kick me into my own post if you want :p


I've noticed that retries only occur for certain failure, of the top of my head, status 96. Some exit codes seem to not warrant a retry. Do we suppose there is some logic behind this, if it is indeed the case. Does a 96 indicate that there is no media but NetBackup believes that there is a chance that some images expired from the time the failure occurred until the retry? Does it believe a 71 is not likely to be fixed automatically with time,  and therefore doesn't try again. These are only a few I've noticed (might be incorrect about them).


So if my thinking is correct it might relate to the issue......


Also, I've googled quite a bit and cant find any information about a supposed logic.

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HAd the same issue -

Increase the timeout for the backup host -

Backup start notify timeout -

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Hi Mohamed,

Thanks for your answer, but I do not fully understand...

The timeouts we experience are on VMWare: Does you setting help with this?

FYI: This is not a VCB backup, we are running VMware 4.1 completely and are using the latest APIs