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(227) no entity was found

Level 2

I recently migrated our Netbackup master server from an old server to a new build. Using the latest catalogue backup, I was able to successfully restore on the new server. It seems that all the VMWARE backup policies work with no issues, but our MS-WINDOWS policies seem to fail with "no entity was found (227)". I felt like it may be a connection issue, but even trying to add the client by IP address fails. Below is what the error I am seeing...

Sep 26, 2018 2:11:21 AM - Error bpbrm (pid=10216) [PROXY] Received status: 1 with message Unable to perform peer host name validation. Curl error has occurred for peer name: CLIENT, self name: MASTER_SERVER
Sep 26, 2018 2:11:21 AM - Error bpbrm (pid=10216) [PROXY] Encountered error (VALIDATE_PEER_HOST_PROTOCOL_RUNNING) while processing(ValidatePeerHostProtocol).
Sep 26, 2018 2:11:21 AM - Error bpbrm (pid=10216) bpcd on CLIENT exited with status 227: no entity was found


I am fairly new to Netbackup, but I have all the log files if needed. I apprciate the help in advance!


Level 6
Assuming you are running on nbu version higher than 8.1 did you install the new master server as DR master server and specify the dr package created along with the catalog backup prior to the catalog recovery.?

If not then it means that your certificates and identities have not been recovered due to which you would face communication issues..

If the dr pckage is not available you do need to take extra steps after the recovery.

Have a look at the below article

I'm currently running NBU 8.1 on the Master/Media server. I'm assuming that the DR Package that needs to be unlocked is with the passphrase key that is input in the Security Management > Global Security Settings > Disaster Recovery tab? I did input the original key into this tab once the application was restored from the catalog. Did this need to be input before the catalog was restored? Should I give this a shot anyways?

Level 6
when u install NetBackup on the DR server you need to select the option DR master server installation and provide the dr package from the last catalog backup.. Then specify the passphrase on prompt.. This step is done during the installation itself i.e. prior to the catalog recovery..

If you select Master server installation rather than the DR master server install operation you need to perform the steps outlined in the article I had shared earlier after the catalog recovery