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(2804) MS-SharePoint policy restore error

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I'm having trouble restoring documents in SharePoint 2019 from granular backup. Everything is configured as described in the manuals. Netbackup I have the latest version

I don't know the reason, but the SharePoint manual has not been updated since version 8.1.1

4.12.2020 16:48:04 - begin Restore
4.12.2020 16:48:04 - restoring from image int-shp19-test2_1606108787
4.12.2020 16:48:04 - requesting resource  @aaaa@
4.12.2020 16:48:04 - granted resource  MediaID=@aaaa@;DiskVolume=HTPCatSharePoint1;DiskPool=HTPCatSharePoint-POOL1;Path=HTPCatSharePoint1;StorageServer=COFC-CZ3743V40101;MediaServer=bck1
4.12.2020 16:48:05 - Info bprd (pid=19193) Found (536,292) files in (1) images for Restore Job ID
4.12.2020 16:48:05 - Info bprd (pid=19193) Restoring from copy 1 of image created Mon Nov 23 06:19:47 2020 from policy MS_ShP_2019_test
4.12.2020 16:48:05 - Info bprd (pid=19193) Granular restore has started, this may take a while....
4.12.2020 16:48:05 - Info bpbrm (pid=19223) int-shp19-test2 is the host to restore to
4.12.2020 16:48:06 - Info bpbrm (pid=19223) reading file list for client
4.12.2020 16:48:06 - connecting
4.12.2020 16:48:06 - Info bpbrm (pid=19223) start nbfsd on client
4.12.2020 16:48:06 - Info bpbrm (pid=19223) start nbgre on client
4.12.2020 16:48:06 - Info tar (pid=0) Restore started
4.12.2020 16:48:06 - connected; connect time: 0:00:00
4.12.2020 16:48:28 - Error bpbrm (pid=19223) from client int-shp19-test2: ERR - error cleaning virtual view
4.12.2020 16:48:28 - Info tar (pid=0) done. status 0
4.12.2020 16:48:28 - Info tar (pid=0) done. status: 5
4.12.2020 16:48:28 - Info tar (pid=0) done. status: 5: the restore failed to recover the requested files
4.12.2020 16:48:28 - Error bpbrm (pid=19223) client restore EXIT STATUS 5: the restore failed to recover the requested files
4.12.2020 16:48:28 - restored from image int-shp19-test2_1606108787; restore time: 0:00:24
4.12.2020 16:48:28 - end Restore; elapsed time 0:00:24
MS-SharePoint policy restore error  (2804)



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Not sure if you already saw this:


Yes, I have seen many others, but I have not found a solution to my problem.Otherwise, they are all old versions, nowhere does the mention of SharePoint 2019 with NetBackup 8.3 or, including Veritas documentation.

After all, even here on the forum it is not possible to set a version of NetBackup higher than 8.1.2, as if time had stopped.

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The fact that the Sharepoint manual has not been updated, means that nothing has changed.
The rules and requirements for previous versions still apply.

I found another article where 'ERR - error cleaning virtual view ' is mentioned:

If you feel that there is something different about newer versions of NBU and Sharepoint, please log a Support call with Veritas.

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@jsivrts wrote:
....  even here on the forum it is not possible to set a version of NetBackup higher than 8.1.2, as if time had stopped.

@JustineVelcich is it possible to get the OS and NBU selections updated?

Hmm is this the only one I'm trying to restore granular backup for SharePoint 2019 or the only one I can't do?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Marianne ,

Just wanted to provide an update on this.. The (long overdue) request was put in to add OS and NBU versions to the drop-down in the platform before the holiday break, and I'm back pinging the team to get this done ASAP. I'll update the thread here when it's been updated.

Many thanks,

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@jsivrts wrote:

Hmm is this the only one I'm trying to restore granular backup for SharePoint 2019 or the only one I can't do?


It seems that we do not have many SP2019 users wo are active on this forum.
If the article that I shared and available NBU documentation did not help, then best to log a Support call with Veritas.

Please let us know what the outcome is.


Case I have been open since December 8, 2020 ...

Best Regards


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Hello @jsivrts 

As there are not many active users with SP2019.. could you please update this post when you find the solution?



Yes, he could, I don't have him yet. However, I have a brilliant idea, but I do not expect to find understanding for it: It would be good to have NetRestore software in addition to the NetBackup software ;)

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Community Manager


Thanks so much for your patience on this -- the update is finally complete.


It's a Science Fiction like I'm on Mars. In 3 months no shift on the forum or on official support ...

What is your case number? Has it been escalated to engineering? What's the last Veritas Support has told you?

It's 201208-002100, if you can see it, you'll see the others there.

I found the case. It was escalated to engineering in early January (ET 4023152). The ET shows that there has been a back-and-forth conversation between you, the support engineers, and engineering.

A post on February 22 says they are waiting on a response from you from their last suggestion, which was to apply

I have no more advice to give. I do not know SharePoint 2019.

Just for your information: I found the same problem with Sharepoint 2019/Netbackup and a standalone SQL server instance (so TN regarding a clustered SQL instance doesn't apply). only one Sharepoint Server and only one SQL Server (is a test farm, so a little deployment...)

I found that we did an incorrect configuration in the Sharepoint Server "Netbackup Client Service" (it was configured as "Local System"). We configured only this one Netbackup service with the Domain user (SPSS Farm admin) and now the GRT restore is working fine. So final config would be, using the Domain user (farm admin) in the "Netbackup Client Service" into the Sahrepoint Server and into the SQL server too (this is not what is written in the Netbackup for Sharepoint docs...)

Best regards.

Thank you very much for your information, I have also gone further and learned that when I have a SQL Cluster WSFC consisting of two nodes of SQL servers, I need a third Standalone SQL server with an instance for ShP2019, which needs to be defined as in Mr. Palecek's contribution to, which supplemented Veritas Support on April 8, 2021.