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(29) failed trying to exec a command


When i am trying to run an rman backup i am getting the error (29) failed trying to exec a command,

Client is windows 2003 and master is linux,

The backup is getting completed successfully in the DB logs but i am getting the error 29,

Is it the password issue on the DB server,

How to resolve the issue.


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Check This

Check This link:

<install_path>\veritas\netbackup\db\dbtemplates\oracle directory on a Windows master server and in the/usr/openv/netbackup/db/dbtemplates/oracle directory on a UNIX/Linux master server.


Hi Mate,  Some time, these

Hi Mate, 

Some time, these backups failing on windows servers. Try to restart it. if still failing. Try to start from client end using "bpbackup" command. Then you will come some conclusion where is the fault.


install_path\NetBackup\bin\bpbackup [-p policy] [-s schedule] [-S
master_server...] [-t policy_type] [-L progress_log [-en]] [-w
[hh:mm:ss]] [-help] [-k "keyword_phrase"] -f listfile | filenames
install_path\NetBackup\bin\bpbackup -i [-p policy] [-h hostname] [-s
schedule] [-S master_server...] [-t policy_type] [-L progress_log
[-en]] [-w [hh:mm:ss]] [-k "keyword_phrase"]
install_path\NetBackup\bin\bpbackup -dssu DSSUname



script error

if the script contain multiple commands and one of them fail you may encounter status 29.

I had a Oracle script for Windows where the date command failed resulting in status 29, but the Oracle database backup worked as intended. 


Problem with missing Archive

Problem with missing Archive logs?


Also have a look at this TN:


The bphdb & dbclient folders

The bphdb & dbclient folders under ..Netbackup\logs.. probably have indication of what the problem is.

Also try to run the cmd script from a command prompt, it often helps to figure ot what part of the script that fails




The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue