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7.5 missing Current file info

Before upgrading to 7.5 I was able to see the current file the backup was on....under the detailed status tab of the running backup. 7.5 still says current file: but nothing is listed.

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Are you using the Jave

Are you using the Jave console, or the Windows Admin console ?

Which every one you are using, could you try the other ?




what kind of job

what kind of job are you looking at - some don't show it and some won't show it until the Shadow Copy is done.

7.5 missing Current file info (also experiencing the same issue)

I've also started experiencing the issue since we updated to NetBackup 7.5 while using the Windows management console.  It doesn't appear to be a client related issue as downgrading the client to 7.0.3 didn't resolve the issue.  On another note I've also experienced issues with NetBackup properly understanding exclusions lists as on some of the server it ignores the list completely.  We didn't have this issue prior to upgrading the 7.5.

If you happen to find a fix for the current file information progress please let me know.  I'd love to actually be able to monitor the file process if necessary.



Additional details

Confirmed both the Java and Windows application are experiencing the same issue.  

Policy Type:  MS-Windows

It might be included in this 58 pages of etrack fixes for NetBackup.  The name leads one to believe all fixes are for previous versions and the issues carried over into 7.5.  The exclusion lists not being processed for example is a current issue in 7.5 but worked fine prior to upgrading from 7.1.

Symantec NetBackup™ 7.5 Emergency Engineering Binary Guide:

Yes this is really

Yes this is really unfortunate, started happening once I upgraded to 7.5.

As I do alot of remote backups it was usefully when trying to track down why the backup was still running(ie its stuck backing up a bunch of music someone dropped on the server.)

I guess since I am the one

I guess since I am the one that started this thread....I will open a case on it and post the results.

Did you manage to figure out

Did you manage to figure out a workaround or solution?

Anyone found a resolution for this one?

I have an end user that is experiencing this issue and I have not found any resolution or plans to address the behavior.  Multiple people are seeing the issue, anyone found a resolution yet?



It's a defect

You'll have to call us and open a case.  Reference Etrack 2743860.  Don't let us close your case!  (And it would probably help if you had ten friends do the same.  AND you heard none of this from me.)