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8.1 Trail Key

Hi There ,

Can any one could you please share the trail key to explore the feature of netbackup 8.1.2. I have downloaded 8.1.2 Linux but while installing it is asking key where I am new to NBU and not the partner to get trail key. Is there any way to skip /by pass the key prompt like in another tools ( specturm protect /commvault)

Appriciated your response!




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Re: 8.1 Trail Key

Curious to know where you managed to download 8.1.2 from?

This version is still in Beta and will only go GA later this month.

To get back to trial/eval key - nobody on this forum will be able to assist. 
You need to get hold of the Veritas office in your country or ask a reseller close to you to request trial key from Veritas. 

Here is the Partner Locator: