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Level 4

Where can I find the latest version of the unix/linux client install scripts/bundles for NBU9.1.0.1?  Mine are dated Aug 2021. 

I'm looking for new AlmaLinux 9.1 support, as one of my admins noted start/stop scripts in the root directory (rcN.d directories not supported in AL9.1)

Thanks for any pointers!



Level 4

I guess AlmaLinux is the same as, or derived from, RHEL 9 or 9.n?

Hi @nholtz 

Why would you expect newer ones? The install scripts were released with the version drop and are unlikley to be updated unless bugs are found. 

What is the issue you are having (trying to install NetBackup on an unsupported client)? There is nothing magic about the start/stop scripts for the agent - and you are free to move them somewhere appropriate. The fact the install puts them in the root directory indicates a supportability issue though.