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AIR and network interface configuration

Level 3

Hello everyone.

We want to realize AIR with NetBackup 8.1.1 (Windows environment).
Please give us your opinion.

The environment is as follows.
(Source Site)
NBU Master Server (8.1.1)
NBU Media Server (8.1.1)
NBU Client (8.1.1)

(Target Site)
NBU Master Server (8.1.1)
NBU Media Server (8.1.1)
NBU Client (8.1.1)

The media server(s) has three network interfaces.
Also, in order to identify the host name corresponding to the interface, the character is added to the host name.
1. "hostname_F" , front Segment
2. "hostname_R" , replication Segment (for AIR, connectivity confirmed)
3. "hostname_B" , backup Segment

What we want to achieve:
Using the host name (hostname_R) that the media server has, we want to transfer data via Replication Segment.

However, in practice the following behavior will occur.
The host name (hostname_F) associated with the front segment is used in the Replication segment.

What kind of solution can be considered to realize AIR via ReplicationSegment using hostname_R?

In addition, we added an alias using nbemmcmd, but it does not work well.
> nbemmcmd -machinealias -addalias -alias hostname_r -machinename hostname_f -machinetype media
> nbemmcmd -machinealias -addalias -alias hostname_r -machinename hostname_f -machinetype ndmp

We refer to these documents, but please let us know if there are other links you should know.
Veritas NetBackup™ Administrator's Guide
Veritas NetBackup™ Deduplication Guide
Veritas NetBackup™ Troubleshooting Guide
Veritas NetBackup™ Security and Encryption Guide

Best Regards.