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AIR replication ports list

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Hello i'm, going to implement the AIR replication between two domains and i'd like to extract the ports list to provide it the customer for the network configuration (the primary servers are not in not in the same subnet).

So reading here i can say:

  • primary to primary (bidirectional): 1556, 13724
  • media to media (bidirectional): 1556, 13724, 10102, 10082

Each media server need only to communicate with its primary server and the other media server.

Is there any specific AIR port that must be opened in addition to those?

Thank you!


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No  - there is no specific AIR port.

1556/tcp is the primary communication port in Netbackup.

Backup  1556/tcp:  Master/media -> Client 

Backup (database) & Restore on Client 1556/tcp Client  -> Master/Media

The import keyword for the firewall admin is the ability to : initiate sessions

Whenever MSDP is involved 10102, 10082 need to be opened also.