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AVR mode on all drives


can any one help out please.

We have an STK L700 libraryin mind environment and all the drives are in AVR mode for all the media servers.

When I check the event log on the media servers I get a NBU LTID error: initialization failed, unable to sense robotic device.

What do I do?
Is this something I can solve from netbackup? or do I need to call in STK engineer?

kindly advise/

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Re: AVR mode on all drives

Is this TLD or ACS?

Re: AVR mode on all drives

We run a couple L700e's with fiber robot control and fiber attached drives.

We had the same problem where the robotic control was simply dropping from the SAN and none of my devices could see it. It is NOT a Veritas problem.

The Fiber interface for robotic control was a 1GB controller. STK is having problems with them ESPECIALLY if you have recently upgraded to the latest firmware levels.
STK has a 2GB board they put in its place. We haven't had the problem since.

Maybe this applies to you too?

Re: AVR mode on all drives

This also can occur when the persistent bind aren't configured to tapes and library and the server is rebooted, How the devices are created again you need to configure in the NBU again