AWS workload protection with Netbackup

We are planning to deploy Netbackup on AWS to protect the customer servers hosted on AWS. Did anyone tested the below scenorios?

1) Backup Directly to S3 storage (with or without Cloud Catalyst. would like to understand the performance impact backing up to S3 directly with accelerator enabled vs backups to S3 with Cloud catalyst to send deduplicated data vs backups to EBS volume with MSDP)

2) AIR Replication - Planning to replicate data to Netbackup server in other Availability Zone, but the  problem is data transfer across availability zone is associated with charges, So is there any other options replicating or having second copy of backups for DR purpose within AWS?

3) The option we are exploring is to backup data on EBS volume and send a copy to S3 as second copy. Take AWS snapshots of all Netbackup master server volumes including the catalog disk, that helps to rebuild the master server in case of disaster. I think we don't need to have AIR replication with this kind of protection.

Appreciate your views and suggestions on this.

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Re: AWS workload protection with Netbackup

What workloads are they running? Do you need to stream the data out of AWS for "offsite" protection?

Re: AWS workload protection with Netbackup

There are file and DB backups protection requirements and we will be installing agent on each ec2 instance. We don't have any offiste requirement, but need to have 2nd copy stored somewhere within AWS for disaster purpose.

Re: AWS workload protection with Netbackup


Its very interesting, you can use S3 like here


But i don't think it will perform well and unfortunately it doesn't look like you can backup directly to a CC (CloudCatalyst) as per this statement "A single media server cannot be both an MSDP storage server and a CloudCatalyst storage server" on this page https://www.veritas.com/content/support/en_US/doc/25074086-127355784-0/v125423241-127355784

Configuring an MSDP with EBS would probably be the best performance but would probably be costly.

Might be best to configure a small MSDP with EBS (enough for 2-3 rounds of retention) and then make a CC to put everything on S3. You'll have to look at the costs to see if its feasible. Having CC with S3 would provide the DR you need but you'll need snapshots of the rest too.


Re: AWS workload protection with Netbackup

Thanks for the details. Cloud Catalyst is used to send deduplicated data to S3, but we can still send data to S3 directly with accelerator feature enabled (without deduplication). However, we could not take decision as there is no technical document explaining the performance statistics of S3 as primary storage for Netbackup. We are looking for best practices in terms of design and costs for Netbackup in AWS.

Re: AWS workload protection with Netbackup

Your best bet would be to give it a try and see what performance you get. That's the beauty of cloud, instant lab Smiley Happy

Re: AWS workload protection with Netbackup

Consider using Data Domain Virtual Edition (available at AWS marketplace) behind a stateless media server - it's a virtual appliance and it can store data directly on S3 deduplicated using arguably better deduplication algorithms than fixed block in NetBackup, so you will get savings on both compute (less virtual media servers to manage) and storage (no EBS volumes required).

Re: AWS workload protection with Netbackup

Have you checked if CloudPoint can't do the job instead of NetBackup?