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Act Now ! How does your TCO look ?

Level 2
Hello !
Welcome to a complimentary online advisory tool, with real-time statistics to equip you with a true TCO assessment.
Compare total cost of ownership of a Veritas Access appliance + Veritas NBU appliance with these alternatives:
  • Data Domain with Dell EMC ECS long-term retention
  • Veritas NetBackup appliance with tiering to AWS
  • Veritas NetBackup appliance with tiering to tape

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  1. How long do you expect this technology refresh to last? Tip - Choose 5 years for real world results. 
  2. How much data needs to be backed up? Tip - Suggest to choose minimum 1 PB ( ~ 1024 TB) 
  3. What is the deduplication factor of your data? Tip - Choose 90% 
  4. How much data goes to long-term retention? Tip - Choose 50% of what you answered for Sr no 2
  5. Select an alternate solution for TCO comparison.
  6. Click to get "TCO savings with Veritas"
  7. Click next to fill in your details to get the personalized comparison result via email.

Thank you for your participation and interest. Best Wishes for building a Resilient Data Protection Platform !