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Active license entitlement and capacity

Level 5

Hello Team,

Master server: Solaris 

Netbackup version 8.1.1

Is there any way to check the "Active license entitlement and how much capacity license we have procured and current usage"?

Please let me know. can we get this information through nbdeployutil?


Level 5

NBDEPLOYUTIL will give you what you're using. You'll need to log on to the support/entitlement page in order to see what your capacity is. You can upgrade to 8.2 ( might be available with 8.1.2? I can't recall) and configure SmartMeter to upload regularly. Smart Meter will have what you're entitled to and how much is currently in use.

Note that there is a problem with the telemetery data from the Master servers that SmartMeter ingests. We had to apply an EEB to fix it because we were over our license according to SmartMeter but were way below our entitlement according to NBDEPLOYUTIL. EEB (3994999)

I am trying to run NBDEPLOYUTIL but what i need to fill below

Domain Type (NIS, NISPLUS, WINDOWS, vx, unixpwd, ldap):
Domain Name :
User Name :
Password :


You fill in what it asks you for?

The type of Domain you are using to authenticate against.

The Domain name.

Your username / Or service account you use to access NBU

Password for the account you used in the above step.



Type of Domain: WINDOWS

Domainname: Domain.COM

Username: Laurence_Merry

Password: NotMyP@ssword

The password field will be blanked out.


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From Command Ref Guide:

  • Domain Type: Enter a domain type value from NIS, NISPLUS, WINDOWS, vx, unixpwd, ldap. This value is case-sensitive.
     *** (Solaris should be unixpwd)

  • Domain Name: Name of the domain that the master server host belongs to. If the master server does not belong to any domain, enter the name of the master server.

  • User name: Name of the user that has administrator privileges.

  • Password: The password of the same user that has administrator privileges. When you enter the password, characters are intentionally not displayed in the command line.